Friday, June 8, 2012


Bellhaven, NC 35' 32.2" N Lat 076'37.3" W .Long 6/5/2012
A Gazebo at Sunset
Today was our first day of going north on the ICW from Oriental. Bellhaven is approximately fifty miles. Jim, Beth and Cameron showed up more awake then us at our slip in Oriental to send us off with their best wishes. So we had coffee, remiinisced about our past 6 months together and then prepared to leave dear friends and a lovely town of Oriental.
Jim and Cam thru the last lines on board and pushed us off for a perfect beginning. We had rain and north winds with short stacked 1 to 3' waves on the Neuse as we headed north. Judy went out to retrieve ropes but at the captains suggestion she left the coiled up on the deck so she could use both hands to return to the cockpit. We had coffee and breakfast as we cruised north to the ICW cutoff. Since we were straight into the wind we continued to motor for the entire trip. In the process of checking instruments, dials, and things I discovered that we were running on the house batteries. Later in Bellhaven Les the proprietor of Bellhaven Waterway Marina and a motorcycle mechanic confirmed that the alternator was not supplying any charging current. The sign on his trailer "Buffalo Chip/ Sturgis or Bust" were his creds as a motorcycle mechanic. He also knows his way around boats. The marina was the high point of the day. It is small, six boats at max, but the setting is small old village, big water, ducks and geese, a screened in gazebo out on a finger of land surrounded by the water with purple, blue, red sunset in wicker chairs with ducks swimming past. Les has got his priorities right. I only wish that I had went to the gazebo earlier to either meditate, journal or read Rumi. The quietness with water and sunset overwhelmed me. A display of the sacred and magical world………….just now!……….. nowhere but here…………..GAIA cloaked by the cosmos.