Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Not going, not coming,

rooted, deep and still,

not reaching out, not reaching in,

just resting, at the center.

The single jewel, the flawless crystal drop,

in the blaze of its brilliance,

the way beyond.

Shih Te

Cold Mountain

We are in Charleston Harbor on our way back north to Oriental. We have both been reflecting on our experiences on this and the prior cruise. I will only speak for myself which is a full enough task. Spending hours on watch, seeing and endless ocean, I can feel my roots. These are the same tendrils I’ve felt in the mountains. They are for me the path beyond. I can feel it in water, the immense openness of the ocean, the giant shadows of the mountains the path is there if only I will take it. There is another life there……in these places that I have touched. It is the warmth of a sunrise on my face, the big dipper scrolling across the night sky. The pure joy and beauty of this planet simply overwhelms me…..again……and again. That is the beginning of my journey. An authentic journey is not always easy and full of bliss…..love & compassion can be hard but to immerse myself is my reason for being.

Sailing and the mountains have allowed me to experience this spacious world. However, these ways can also be distracting since there can be another sail another mountain. Never quite there just a little more and it will be good. Samsara…….this is the reaching and grasping for more….but that inner beauty can be more directly encountered by following my Buddhist roots of meditation, love and compassion. Quietness giving to others will be more joyous.

What does all of this mean in practical terms. We are both individually evaluating the issue do we keep the boat or sell it? Do we move back to Boulder where I can resume my Buddhist practice?

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Lynn said...

Sometimes it seems like there are too many good options to choose from. I've been wrestling with my own questions about my life,too. Am I coming or am I going? I'm interested in what you two decide to do!